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Sipple 3.1 is Killing the competition with the best VAPE juice to ever reach the market! We infuse the purest Essential Oils into our mix giving you the STRONGEST AND HEALTHIEST VAPE JUICE IN THE WORLD that you deserve with the best flavors and throat hit you will come to love. 

When you place your order choose between Menthol-Lemon-Orange-Copaiba-Tangerine
You want the awesome kick and health in your Vape then we have got you covered. All our Vape Juices are ready for your blend of NIC.

 Best selling flavors:  All of them! Why because we killed it with taste! 

The new leader in VAPE! Most of all you are choosing the best for your health! 

 Premium, top quality, made in the USA, with finest ingredients.

    70% VG

    30% PG

All orders shipped, within 24 hours.

Fast free shipping (via USPS First Class Mail) direct to your mailbox!



How to order?

Call 859-661-5002 or visit our Ebay Store



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