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Base car price $59,995 USD plus tax


Pro Extreme Dragster Altered Chassis includes:


* 125 - 150” Wheelbase

* Bantam Body

* Fully Fixtured, Heli-Arc Welded 4130 Chrome Moly Chassis 

* Anti-Rotation Mount on Rearend Housing

* 9” Rearend Housing "Floater" with steel brakes complete minus third member

* 4130 single wheelie bar

* Streamline Front A-Arms

* Tow Hook - Removable 

* Entry/Exit Handles on Roll Cage

* Tail light Mount and Tail light

* Master Shutoff Switch Mount and Master Shutoff Switch

* F/C Spindles with steel Brakes

* Steering Dampener

* Rack & Pinion Steering Box

* Steering Wheel and Button Mount

* Steering Shaft with Restraints and Bushings

* Tie Rods and Chrome Moly Rod Ends (2)

* Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub - S.F.I. Approved

* 4130 Throttle and Brake Pedals

* Aluminum Master Cylinder with Reservoir

* Carbon Fiber Floor Pan in drivers compartment 

* Carbon Fiber Protection Panels around driver compartment 

* Carbon Fiber Driver’s Seat

* Carbon Fiber Dash 

* Computer Tray Carbon Fiber

* Integral Seat Belt Mounts for Wrap-Around Seat Belts, no seat belts included

* 7 gallon Plastic Fuel Tank

* Front and Rear Motor Plates

* Rear Motor Mounts – Saddle Type on Top Rails, Welded Mount on Lower Rails

* Saddle Type Front Mounts

* Dual Parachute Mounts, Anchors, Release Handles and Cables, no chutes

* Fuel Shutoff Lever with Cable and Ends

* Shifter Mount

* Battery Mounting Plate and Hold Down, customer supplies battery that will be used.

* Brake Line Bulkhead Mount Tab

* Brake Lines Installed–Hard Steel Through Lower Frame Rail, Braided Steel from Bulkhead to Calipers

* Air Bottle, Mounts and Clamps

* Carbon Fiber Rear Wing with 4130 Struts

* Carbon Fiber Front Wing

* Front Weight Box

* Carbon Fiber Puke Tank with Baffles, Vent and Drain Plug

* Oil Filter Mount

* Coil and Points Box Mount 

* Pro Jack Tabs - Front and Rear 

* Chassis Slots for Lines                                                            

* Grade 8 Hardware Installed on Assembly of Car

* Manufacturer’s Identification Plate and Serial Number on Chassis                 

* Owner's Identification Plate on Car

* Chassis Will Meet Certification Specs  


           Base car price $59,995 USD plus tax

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