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Get your Carbon Fiber flat sheets built by Aaron Sipple of ASE / IRONMAN Chassis with our state of the art in house carbon fiber infusion process.
We infuse all our products, Why? Because they are the best! Other competitors put out a less than average product using old school wet lay-up processes that leave the body and composites with many imperfections, a less flattering finish, heavier weight and less overall strength and duration of performance. ASE/IRONMAN Chassis Carbon Fiber infused flat sheets are made with premium materials and technology using the latest and greatest infusion process to create the lightest and strongest carbon fiber composites possible. Have yours made today all under one roof at Aaron Sipple's ASE/IRONMAN Chassis. Give your ride a complete make-over with a simple change using Carbon Fiber.
4x8 Pure Carbon Fiber Sheet .035 thick $900
$65 flat rate shipping per sheet










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