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Composite wings



Get your Carbon Fiber Wing built by Aaron Sipple of ASE / IRONMAN Chassis with our state of the art in house carbon fiber infusion process! Now you can have what the Pro's use! 


Front wing 
30" wide start at $1500
32" wide start at $1600
34" wide start at $1700
36" wide start at $1800
38" wide start at $1900
40" wide start at $2000

Rear wing 
40" wide start at $2500
42" wide start at $2600
44" wide start at $2700
46" wide start at $2800
48" wide start at $2900
50" wide start at $3000
52" wide start at $3100
54" wide start at $3200
56" wide start at $3300
58" wide start at $3400
60" wide start at $3500


TAD wings Start at $4500

One of the many advantages to vacuum infused composite parts over traditional wet lay-up parts is that they are exceptionally stronger.
This is accomplished through the vacuum infusion process which decontaminates the carbon cloth and removes any imperfections before the resin is introduced into the mold.

Traditional wet lay-ups and simple vacuum bagging techniques do not offer this added strength. Only the VACUUM INFUSION process that we offer in all our composites can accomplish this. Likewise the vacuum infusion process takes more time and money to produce the composite, but in the end our customers get the stronger, lighter weight, higher performance product that puts them in the cutting edge.





















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