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We don't build a cheaper car!

Here at the Sipple 3.1 we are not interested in building you the same Jr. Dragster you can buy from everyone else. We constantly push to build the best car out there with a design above all the rest. The Sipple 3.1 Jr. Dragsters are the best for good reason and we will not sacrifice design, strength and heart  just to price match the competition. You want to change your game then lets get started.

WE build a better car! 




Our Mission Statement 


We could tell you all about the X-Treme engineering that makes the Sipple 3.1 Jr. dragster strong enough to withstand more runs than any Jr. dragster chassis could ever dream about encountering,  or the extra engineering and time that’s crazy-expensive but critical in building a quality, long-lasting chassis and body.  And let’s not forget our secret recipe back half and composites that hold it all together and withstand the high loads that destroy other jr. dragster.  


But we’d rather simply say: “Trust The Sipple 3.1 Guys when it comes to choosing a Jr. dragster for your kid's racing future”  


You ask “Why should I”?  


Here’s why: Because The Sipple 3.1 Guys and Girls understand race cars and we understand the relationship between the chassis and the engine in creating an efficient product that PERFORMS. There’s more to this than just trying to create an indestructible Jr. dragster. It has to perform efficiently as a complete race car system. THAT is what really matters. Sure the chassis needs to be strong! More importantly, it needs to grip the race track properly when cold, and when hot, and under hard acceleration and during crazy race conditions... there’s a lot of things constantly going on under that body and your chassis has its hands full trying to keep everything connected properly to the race track without getting all upset when its too hot and tune ups are falling apart.   


Face it, the occasional round loose is just a part of this sport. It happens to everyone, and can be more frequent based on how you’re racing and maintaining your race car and other changes you may have made to your Jr. dragster. It all starts with buying the best. 


Our goal is to provide our customers with a well-tuned, efficient Jr. dragster that is calibrated for your style of racing and modifications. We want you to experience as many trouble-free races as possible. We are confident that our Jr. dragster is the best you can buy, so we feel good about asking you to:


“Trust Sipple 3.1 when it comes to choosing a race car for your family”  


Racing and winning go hand in hand. We are Sipple 3.1 and we understand them both.

The best race car money can buy.  




The Future Hypercar 









Your Jr. Dragster awaits you 

Starting @ $9500


Chassis and Body


  • Chassis Manufacture I.D. Plate
  • Full One Piece White Gel Coated Fiberglass Body with Windshield
  • 4130 Chromoly Chassis Tig Welded to Meet NHRA/IHRA Specifications
  • 150" Wheelbase Hard Tail Chassis Powder Coated Black
  • Adjustable Engine Angle Back Half from 15 degrees to 25 degrees a Sipple 3.1 Exclusive 



Rear of Your Chassis


  • Rear Rims and Tires 18x8x8
  • Billet Master Cylinder, Billet Brake Caliper
  • Complete Disc Brake Set-up with 7" Brake Rotor
  • #415 Chain with both Front and Rear Gear
  • Complete Rear Axle Assembly
  • Billet Sprocket Hubs
  • Billet 1-1/4 Axle
  • Free Spin 206 Axle Bearings
  • Billet Cassettes
  • Billet Hubs
  • Aluminum Chain Guard
  • Safety Light
  • Dial In Plate and Mount 



Front of Your Chassis


  • Front Billet Rims and Tires
  • Adjustable Front Wheel Spindles 1" and 2"  
  • Billet Rack and Pinion W/Billet Tie Rod Assemble
  • Steering Rod from Front End to Drivers Compartment
  • ASE Billet Aluminum Steering Wheel with Aluminum Quick Disconnect



Engine Compartment


  • Bolt on Motor Plate with Crank Support, Center Pull Jack Shaft and Support
  • 206 Axle Size Free Spin Jack Shaft Bearings a Sipple 3.1 Exclusive
  • Jack Shaft Sensor Bracket
  • Aluminum Belt Guard with Single Quick Pin Removal
  • Weight Ballast studs and plates welded on chassis



Drivers Compartment


  • ASE Super Quick Adjustable Gas and Brake Pedals with 1 quick pin to pull and adjust 
  • 21" Shoulder Width Seat on a 45 degree angle
  • Cam Lock Seat Belts
  • Carbon Fiber Floor Pan
  • Carbon Fiber Front Foot Box Panel
  • Rear Protection Plate - Aluminum
  • Fuel Cell mounted to Protection Plate
  • Brake lines / Throttle Cable
  • Two Engine Kill Switches 
  • Master Kill Switch 
  • Roll Bar Padding







Some Popular Upgrades


  • Rear Beadlocks $300
  • Extra Weight Ballast $3 a pound
  • Drivers Compartment Fan and Installation of Battery / Mount / Charging Quick Disconnect Plug $500
  • Drivers Dash Custom Molded $300
  • Front wing $525
  • Rear Wing $750
  • Black Parachute Kit $300
  • Top Fuel Style Kevlar Parachute Silver Packs $75 each
  • Wheelie Bar $250
  • Mychron 4 - 660 $600
  • Warm Up Stand $150
  • Tire Covers $80
  • Swing Arm Shock Kit $500 
  • Colored Powder Coating on chassis $225 
  • Colored Gel Coat on Body $300
  • Slip Joint Front End with Pre-load Adjustment $499
  • Tinted Windshield $75
  • Push Bar $125
  • Adjustable seat for younger kids $500
  • Sipple Ceramic PTFE Chain and Roller Bearing Lub $30
  • Sipple Ceramic Roller Ultra Bearing Kit complete car kit $1000
  • Ultra Light Car add $2500 call for details 859-661-5002


  • CARBON FIBER upgrade Options


  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel $400
  • Carbon Fiber Cage Shroud installed $500
  • Carbon Fiber Seat $625
  • Carbon Fiber Nose Guard Disk $175
  • Carbon Fiber Light Guard Disk $175



     Motor's and Clutches


  • Clutch's Starting @ $799
  • 8.90 Motor Starting @ $4,200
  • 7.90 Motor Starting @ $4,800
  • Turn-Key Assembly Starting @ $1000
  • LO 206 Briggs and Stratton Starting @ $800


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