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Sipple Jr./Kart Motor Oil






Price per case $210 + $20 shipping

Case comes with 12 Quarts




Apply the film of protection with crosslinking your oil.


Let me ask you now that I have your attention!!!!!

You put a race suit on when you race, why? To protect your body right. You put a helmet on that head right? To protect that noggin. Well then why are we not putting a protective race suit and helmet on our internal engine components. Well now you can with TriboDyn through AaronSipple.com


Every ounce counts when it comes to our race cars, but when it comes to our oil we just simply purchase based off what we are told by the big O's with no proof. We poor oil in not knowing what we are actually getting in protection and power increase, that's right increase. If you could lower your operating temperatures, apply a thin heat activated polymer to protect the steel substrate you lower coefficient.

The coefficient can be two different things. It is either the coefficient of static friction, or the coefficient of kinetic friction.


The coefficient of static friction is the friction force between two objects when neither of the objects is moving, this example would be when the motor is not running and you are getting ready to dry start your engine. With an engine having a micro polymer coating with TriboDyn all over the internal engine components from a properly designed oil you say good by to dry starts that wear on our expensive race engines.


The coefficient of kinetic friction is the force between two objects when one object is moving, or if two objects are moving against each other. Now that you have heat activated polymers like what's in TriboDyn you now have coated internal engine parts your oil will stay cooler because of this barrier. Resulting in heat dramatically lowering when friction is taken away.



Low operating temperature = longer engine life and increased horsepower.

Polymer coating = less internal wear, less maintenance = more horsepower, less blow by.

Polymer heat activated coating has to be chemically abrasive removed. YES it that tough and you now get that from a first ever patented pour in oil.


Once the engine gets a heat cycle on it with TriboDyn you can rest assured your on the way to the winner circle.

Call 859-661-5002 to ask about all your lubrication needs as TriboDyn has you covered from racing to your everyday driver diesel truck or gas car.

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