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Carbon Fiber Puke Tanks 



What Is a puke tank?

Crankcase/engine blow by collects in the tank. Keeps an oily mess from dripping everywhere. Most come off the valve covers with a braided hose that drops fuel mist mostly and a bit of oil.

If you can fill a water bottle after one pass and it's mostly oil, you MAY have a problem. Usually it's just a tiny bit of oil and a few ounces of fuel. It keeps the race car or race track free from oil.
Depending on how much you collect you drain it out the bottom once a weekend or once a race. All depends on the engine and the effectiveness of the burn downs.



3 Gal. $1250 Carbon Composites
3 Gal. $1800 Carbon/Carbon/Kevlar

5 Gal. $1800 Carbon Composites

5 Gal. $2400 Carbon/Carbon/Kevlar

10 Gal. $2400 Carbon Composites

10 Gal. $3200 Carbon/Carbon/Kevlar 





























































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