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Composite wings



Get your Carbon Fiber Wing built by Aaron Sipple of ASE / IRONMAN Chassis with our state of the art in house carbon fiber infusion process! Now you can have what the Pro's use! 



Sportsman wings starting @ $2500


TAD/Pro Mod wings $4500

One of the many advantages to vacuum infused composite parts over traditional wet lay-up parts is that they are exceptionally stronger.
This is accomplished through the vacuum infusion process which decontaminates the carbon cloth and removes any imperfections before the resin is introduced into the mold.

Traditional wet lay-ups and simple vacuum bagging techniques do not offer this added strength. Only the VACUUM INFUSION process that we offer in all our composites can accomplish this. Likewise the vacuum infusion process takes more time and money to produce the composite, but in the end our customers get the stronger, lighter weight, higher performance product that puts them in the cutting edge.






The outer wing skins are laid up and cured as one piece in high pressure molds. Exceptionally stiff and lightweight carbon box spars (also made using high pressure tooling) and featuring integral aluminium hard points for the wing mounting brackets are then bonded in place.
High down-force profile that can be more suited to motorsport competition such as Pro Mods, Dragsters, or for high power/high down-force vehicles where aerodynamic grip requirements are of increased importance.

Profiles in single and dual element configuration is available by referring to data plots available.

With all our wings, each specification is to the requirements of the customer, due to our range of bracket options for multi element design installations.  We are very happy to discuss your individual requirements on a one-to-one basis, and our vast experience allows us to advise to the most suitable option.

Our carbon composite wings feature a market leading blend of strength, rigidity, lightness, damage-tolerance and aerodynamic performance. They also look great! So why shop anywhere else?
The use of real world testing has enabled mapping of our wing designs to enable comparisons of the relative levels of down-force and drag within our range of wings. We have also validated the performance of many of our wing combinations in 250 mph winds.

















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