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Kart Axle

What is your race wins worth


Pure Carbon Fiber Kart Axle's $1500


Axles only come in 32.5 inches Long


1-1/4 in Dia.


Using the strongest and latest epoxy's and cloth materials in the world we can bring you an axle so light weight you

will start pulling away from the competition at lighting speeds. As your competition turns dead weight you won't be.

 Freeing up dead energy that's been slowing karts down for years, but not anymore.



American Design and Engineered by ASE LLC and Made in the USA

The Sipple 250 Carbon Fiber Axle is initially more expensive than conventional axles, but how can you put a price on wins. 

 The Sipple 250 Axle is the lightest axle ever produced with this proprietary design, it is also the strongest light weight axle ever produced.  The superior strength is due to an optimized laminate construction of carbon fiber/epoxy of which the majority of the fibers are oriented along the X-axis of the tube.  It is not “cosmetic carbon fiber fabric.” That is commonly used in body panels, however those materials have their place in the composite world. Be aware of inferior, weak imitation axles using the cosmetic carbon fiber fabric and aluminum.

No need for multiple axles (different wall thicknesses) to get rid of wheel hop...the Sipple 250 Carbon Fiber Axle is all you need!  Our axles virtually eliminate wheel hop due to the inherent vibration dampening characteristics of the composite core (built-in “shock absorb-er”).  Customers have verified, our axles smooth out the rough parts of the race track and unbalanced tires where as steel axles amplifies these conditions.  Smoother is faster....! 

Increased Kart Acceleration "BIG" time especially on plate racing!

The Sipple 250 Axle is the lightest axle ever produced in this combination form!  This amazing decrease in rotational mass allows for a greater acceleration rate of the kart down the straight -a-ways.


The Sipple 250 is a revolution in kart axle design.  It is a custom blended ultra-high strength carbon fiber composite axle.






 There are no guarantees or warranties

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